Testing Out Pointe Paint

For last year’s recital one of my friends, Rob, had to colour his flat shoes to match the brown of his costume and was going to order some pointe paint from PointePeople and wanted to know if I wanted to order some as well so we could take advantage of a discount. Of course I said yes and decided to go for a nude colour this time around just to test the waters.

I finally got a chance to test it out on an extra pair of pointe shoes! Here’s what I thought about it, and the comments I heard from Rob on his experience colouring canvas shoes a different colour.


The packaging of Pointe Paint is simple and straightforward, but not in a bad way. The cap is VERY secure, and the attached applicator is big enough to not take forever to paint the shoe, but small enough that you won’t be too imprecise. I feel like the branding and packaging could use a little work, but that’s mostly just because I’m a graphic designer/marketer and I’m pretty picky. (PointePeople if you’re reading this – hit me up! I’d love to help you with branding & design!)



Pointe Paint was super easy to use. After following the directions and watching the videos on their site to make ABSOLUTELY sure I knew what I was doing, I dove in and started dabbing the sponge on the shoe. Since I chose the colour buttermilk I found it a little hard to see if the shoe was actually being coloured or not since it was so close to the original colour of the pointe shoe. I left them overnight to dry just in case but it seemed to dry quite quickly, and I haven’t noticed any transfer.


End Result

The shoes I used the pointe paint on were actually ones that were sent to me that were the wrong size (and I was told to just keep them), but since they’re a slightly different fit (GM Sculpted vs my usual GM Classic) I can’t wear them comfortably in class, so I’ve been using them in the past couple photo shoots. The end result looks super nice and matte.


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Rob’s Experience

So while I had a great experience with Pointe Paint, my friend Rob didn’t have as great of an experience. Since I want to give a balanced review (and I know that some of my readers aren’t on pointe yet and might want these for canvas shoes), I thought I’d paraphrase his experience.

Rob used a couple of their colours (not nudes) on canvas shoes and found the application was a little harder on the canvas. I didn’t experience this since I had satin pointe shoes, but it makes sense that since satin is slipperier than canvas, the sponge would flow more smoothly and create a smoother application. At the end, Rob also noticed that the colour wasn’t completely even, but not to the point that it was noticeable in photos or on stage. Just something to keep in mind if you’re going to be using these on canvas. An alternative I suggest if you’re going to be covering soft shoes would be to find satin soft shoes in your size and cover those. Most of the main brands I think offer satin versions (I know that Bloch, Capezio, and Sansha at least do), and you’ll get a much better application on those than the canvas, and the paint mattifies the shoes so they won’t be shiny anymore. The only downside to this is that they probably don’t come in all mens’ sizes.


Have you tried Pointe Paint?

What colour did you try, and what were the results? I’d love to know!

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