My Pre-Class Ritual

Every dancer has a pre-class ritual. It helps you get in the correct mindset for class, an exam, or the stage, and can alleviate stress. Having a set ritual or order of how you get ready can also prevent you from missing an important step and can make sure you’re well hydrated and have had a snack. Here’s what I’ll do before every class!

Arriving at the studio

I usually get to the studio anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour before class starts. Sometimes this is just because of my dance schedule, but even on the weekend I get there early. It’s the WORST feeling when you rush your routine, so I’d much rather get there too early than too late.

If I get to the studio super early I’ll stop at Starbucks along the way since it’s right beside the studio. Having my usual hot chocolate and maybe a snack before class means that I associate having the drink with having a good class (or just a normal class) and I can use the drink before a performance or exam to calm down. I don’t usually do this if I get there only half an hour early though because then I feel rushed to finish the whole drink.


30-ish minutes before

About 30 minutes before class actually starts I’ll get changed into my ballet clothes or costume and do my hair. I’ve recently started stretching right after I get changed and I’ve noticed it’s been helping my barre work since I’m already warm.


15-ish minutes before

About fifteen minutes before class I’ll hit up the bathroom to fill up my water bottle and do a final bathroom run (if needed). It’s at this time that I put my shoes on and start warming my feet up. This is especially important in the winter because the shoes can get cold if I leave them in my car for the day.


5 minutes before

Right before I go into class I’ll have a granola bar (I keep a few varieties in my bag) and take all of my warmups off. I wear some sort of sweater or sweatpants even in the summer including feet warmers.


What’s your pre-class ritual? Anything I’m missing that you think I should add? Let me know!

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