My 6 Dance Bag Essentials

When I first started taking ballet classes again 6 years ago I’m pretty sure I could carry all of my things in a small Lululemon tote. Now, however, I carry so much that I splurged on a nice Kate Spade yoga bag to hold everything, and even then it’s sometimes not enough space! Whether you’re a new or seasoned dancer, I hope you find something new to keep in your dance bag.



I LIVE in my warmups, specifically my Bloch booties and Gaynor Minden sweater tights. I love the colours of the tights and how they keep me warm but not too warm, and the Bloch booties (in hot pink, obviously) are great for the times when I’m in the upstairs studio and have to walk in the sometimes slushy hallways. They keep my shoes clean and my feet warm



Ok this is actually a new one, and it came to me this past summer at the National Ballet Intensive I went to. One of my legs was super sore and inflexible, and would hurt SUPER BAD if I didn’t have some sort of warmer on as well. It made my other leg too warm if I wore my sweater tights, but I was perfectly content hiking a really long legwarmer over everything that ached. After that, I don’t think I’ll live without my Mondor legwarmers.


A box of assorted granola bars

I’m a bit of a granola bar fiend, and having the grocery store right by the studio means that my dance bag is well stocked with an assortment of granola bars. I’m often guilty of not eating much during the day, so having a quick snack to grab either on the way to class or right before class is essential to powering through the next hour and a half. (PS – my favourite ones are these Special K Nourish bars. They taste like healthy Snickers bars!)


Extra shoes

It might be a bit over-prepared, but I always keep an extra pair of every single shoe style that I wear in my bag just in case. This means 2 pairs of soft shoes, 2 pairs of demi pointe shoes, and 2 pairs of pointe shoes at all times. What? I like being prepared!


Notebook & pen

This year one of my goals is to write more about what was good and not so good about each class before I leave the parking lot, but truth be told I’ve had a notebook and pen in my bag for years now. It’s a great place to write down quick notes about a combination or schedule changes, and most notebooks come with a pocket to store safe documents on the way home so they don’t turn into a crumpled mess.


Water bottle

When I first invested in a nice S’well water bottle, I used to transfer it from my purse to my dance bag every single time I had class. I was actually pretty good with making sure I had water, but let me tell you. One advanced class without a water bottle handy is pure torture and I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemies. So I set up an alert on Amazon for when the S’well bottle I wanted went on sale and got myself one just for my dance bag.


I’m sure there’s some essential I’m missing though. Why not let me know what your dance bag essentials are?

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