Focus on: Grands battements and grands battements en cloche

The Advanced 2 grands battements exercise is quite quick and lively, with a high emphasis on showing turnout and quick positions.


The opera Ernani was composed by Giuseppe Verdi in 1844, based on the play Hernani by Victor Hugo. This piece, from act 4, depicts the party after the wedding between Elvira and Ernani. During the celebration, Ernani hears the sound of a horn, which outs him as one of the conspirators.



In the opera, Ernani has just succeeded at not only concealing his identity as one fo the consiprators, but also winning Elvira’s hand in marriage. This piece is played during the celebrations after their wedding. With that in mind, this exercise should be danced with a sense of great accomplishment. Just like Ernani has succeeded in fooling everyone (including his newly-betrothed), you’ve just succeeded at completing your barrework.


Focal Steps

This grands battements exercise has a couple of focal sections. The first are the grands battments developpés and enveloppés, where the focus is on using proper turnout. The second is with the grand fouetté relevé, which has to show amazing control and turnout.


Common Corrections

  • Keep shoulders square in arabesque
  • Ensure the working side is lifted when going to second especially
  • The developpé is fast, the enveloppé is steadier

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