Focus on: Petits battements and battements frappés

This exercise is almost a perfect step up from Advanced 1. It follows the same sort of structure and steps… just a little more complicated. It’s lively and upbeat, and really gives a chance for you to show off high demi pointes and low pliés.


The operetta La Vie Parisienne was composed by Jacques Offenbach in 1866. It details contemporary Parisian life. During Act 1, passengers for a train to Paris arrive at the station, including a Swedish Baron and Baroness.



This piece is pretty much the musical equivalent of arriving at the airport and listening to music to pump you up before you get on the flight and have a great time at wherever the heck you’re going, so this exercise should be danced with the same kind of enthusiasm and excitement.


Focal Steps

This exercise introduces flic-flacs as a step, as well as the pirouettes from fifth at the barre (which I actually find more challenging than pirouettes in the centre).


Common Corrections

  • Big steps + tons of energy
  • Don’t let heel bounce when on rélevé
  • Quick, precise movements front and back
  • Show off positions


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