Exam Predictions: Late December

Wow has a lot happened in this half of the month! I now know exactly when my exam is going to be, and while I wish it was later in the exam session I still think I’ll be ready.


Current Progress

We’ve finally finished the second Variation and Allegro 4 and are now working on cleaning. As well, we’ve been doing more pointework in the other classes which I’ve been finding very beneficial. With the end so near sometimes I’m finding it a little hard to keep up excitement and motivation, though.


Things to Work On

Allegro is definitely going much better than it was before. Allegro 4 is still a little challenging, but I think it’s mostly just repetition and practice that’ll help improve this exercise. I continue to be a little apprehensive of the pointework, but hopefully the additional classes and practice sessions during the official break will help alleviate some of this stress.


Exam Results Prediction

*This assumes that I continue working and improving at the same pace I am right now.

Section Anticipated Result
1: Barre 8/10
2: Port de bras, Centre practice, Pirouette enchaînement 7/10
3: Adage 8/10
4: Allegro 1-4 8/10
5: Pointe barre, enchaînements 1-2 6/10 (-)
6: Pointe enchaînements 3-5 4/10 (-)
7: Music 9/10
8: Performance 8/10
9: Variation Technique 6/10
10: Variation Music & Performance 8/10
Total: 72/100 (-)


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