Exam Predictions: Early December

Stamina is starting to be super important in these classes as we’re now zipping through barrework and heading straight into allegro or pointe work. It’s tiring but moreso physically than mentally – definitely a change from the beginning of the year!


Current Progress

Since my Late November exam predictions post, I’m feeling more confident about the exam. Although it’s only been about a week between posts (December posts are coming earlier since we have a couple weeks off for Christmas), we’ve spent the classes in between really focusing on allegro and pointework, my two weaknesses, and I’m overall feeling better with the material.


Things to Work On

Of course even though I’m feeling more confident with the material, the next step will be stamina so that I can keep the same level of energy I sometimes show throughout the entire exam. Not only that, but the beats in the allegro need to be cleaner, and I need to really strengthen my feet more for the pointework – the fouettés especially need much more strength than I currently have.


Exam Results Prediction

*This assumes that I continue working and improving at the same pace I am right now.

Section Anticipated Result
1: Barre 8/10
2: Port de bras, Centre practice, Pirouette enchaînement 7/10
3: Adage 8/10
4: Allegro 1-4 8/10
5: Pointe barre, enchaînements 1-2 7/10 (+)
6: Pointe enchaînements 3-5 5/10 (+)
7: Music 9/10
8: Performance 8/10
9: Variation Technique 6/10
10: Variation Music & Performance 8/10
Total: 74/100 (+)


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