Exam Prediction: Post Exam

Well that went… alright.

I just had my Advanced 2 exam yesterday and to be honest at this point I’m hoping for a pity pass on that one pointe section I was worried about. The rest of the exam went well (apart from a couple piano mistakes), but those fouettes were killer (as in I didn’t kill them).

Anyways, here’s what I think I’ll get for each of the sections based on how I did yesterday. I’ll be sure to post an update when I get my final exam results.

Exam Results Prediction

Section Anticipated Result
1: Barre 8/10
2: Port de bras, Centre practice, Pirouette enchaînement 6/10 (-)
3: Adage 7/10 (-)
4: Allegro 1-4 7/10 (-)
5: Pointe barre, enchaînements 1-2 6/10 (-)
6: Pointe enchaînements 3-5 4/10
7: Music 9/10
8: Performance 8/10
9: Variation Technique 7/10
10: Variation Music & Performance 8/10
Total: 70/100 (-)


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