Exam Prediction: Late January

Whoops, missed an exam prediction there! I’ll be honest though, this past month back I haven’t been feeling the most confident about ballet. I don’t know if it’s because we took the couple weeks off there, or when I went in to film everything and it… didn’t go the best. I’ve been getting more confident and stronger since then, but I’m definitely still not at 100%.


Current Progress

Since the last exam prediction (way back in December), we’ve now learned completely everything, decided on our variation, and have been running things non-stop in pairs and solos as required. I’m definitely more comfortable with everything but still a bit apprehensive about the pointework.


Things to Work On

Honestly at this point the only thing I’m actually concerned about is the fouettés in pointe enchaînement 3. Everything else I can either do relatively well, or fake it to look like I’m just having an off day of not doing it well. I’m low-key worried that I won’t be able to do at least 10 really crappy fouettés and churn them out there, because if I don’t get them, I won’t pass my exam. Minor details though.


Exam Results Prediction

*This assumes that I continue working and improving at the same pace I am right now.

Section Anticipated Result
1: Barre 8/10
2: Port de bras, Centre practice, Pirouette enchaînement 7/10
3: Adage 8/10
4: Allegro 1-4 8/10
5: Pointe barre, enchaînements 1-2 7/10 (+)
6: Pointe enchaînements 3-5 4/10
7: Music 9/10
8: Performance 8/10
9: Variation Technique 7/10 (+)
10: Variation Music & Performance 8/10
Total: 74/100 (+)


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