January 7

Today was the first official class back. I wasn’t completely looking forward to the class though I must say, mostly because it was so cold outside and I was still getting over waking up early to go to work again! It’s getting to the point now in the classes where we’re just running through exercises one by one, or how we would be in the exam, to make sure we get everything and to focus on nitty corrections instead of learning the exercise. I’m finding though that it’s hard because I’m starting not to remember exercises as well or second-guess what the arms or head are.

We also had the pianist playing that we’ll have in the exam, and I’m honestly a little bit worried. Being the shortest of all the exam girls, I’m candidate #1, so I’ll be doing everything first most likely when things are one at a time. If the pianist plays a little too slow or fast, it could mess up my dancing and only get corrected for candidates #2 – #4. Needless to say, I’ve started being a bit more… vocal about the speed of the music during class. I feel a bit guilty talking so much during class but it’s important that the music is right!


Pointe enchaînement 1

This enchaînement went much better today, and I’m definitely feeling more confident. After the classes during the break where we really went in depth and detailed on the pointe exercises, I realized that my main problem in pointe is that I don’t stay up in the shoe for long enough. When we went through it today I really made sure to focus on staying up for longer, and I felt it helped during this exercise. I’m not as terrified of it anymore.


Pointe enchaînement 3

Ah, fouettes. This is probably the exercise I’m most nervous about just because I haven’t been getting the turns. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who’s having difficulty with them, but it still sucks that I can’t even sort of fouette. When it was my turn to do the exercise, the teacher focused with me for a bit afterwards on getting that first double pirouette in confidently to go into the first fouette, and after a few times I wasn’t feeling as stressed about it, and even though I wasn’t fully getting around twice just yet I wasn’t coming out of it super early. I also need to keep my arms higher in first when I turn so that I don’t fall over, and to make sure in the hops en pointe at the beginning of the exercise that I don’t push forward too much because it makes my butt stick out, so no wonder I’m not on my balance!


Variation 1

To finish off the class, we solidified which variation we were going to do (thank GOD – I’m so horribly at doing Variation 2), and went over them one by one. The main correction I got was that I need to be bigger in the steps at the beginning, but I’m pretty sure it’s just because we haven’t gone over it in a really long time. I was mostly just trying to remember what I was doing!

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