January 3

To kick off the new year with a bang, we had another exam-only practice session. We got to use the big studio we’ll eventually have our exam in, and went through the exercises as if we were in the exam ourselves. I didn’t completely get through all of them (especially the pointe exercises), but it was super helpful to really feel the spacing in the room.

  • Keep forward in pivots in barre exercise
  • Pirouettes knee up and hold it
  • Stay more left than you think in the room
  • Allegro 1 was good
  • Allegro 2 gargouillades need work
  • Allegro 3 show in between steps
  • Allegro 4 needs work
  • Pointe enchaînement 1 think UP
  • Pointe enchaînement 2 grand fouettes better!
  • Pointe enchaînement 3 need to stay on pointe longer for the fouettés
  • Pointe enchaînement 4 bigger circle but was better
  • Pointe enchaînement 5 needs spacing work
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