December 31

So after not doing so well in the extra pointe class, I decided it would be a good idea to go into the studio by myself and film all of my exercises so I could watch the videos back later. It went… ok. I definitely pushed myself a little too fast though and sped through everything, so by the end I was absolutely exhausted and not getting everything well. That combined with not a lot of practice meant that I was making more mistakes than I usually would, and I left the studio practically in tears because I felt like I had taken a massive leap backwards.

In positive news though, having all the videos did offer some good corrections, for barre and the first part of centre at least. It was also quite interesting seeing all of the corrections my teachers have given me countless times in action. Sometimes you really think you’re doing a correction, then you see it on video and you’re not doing it at all. Towards the end and especially in the pointework the corrections are a bit more sarcastic since I was upset with myself, but here they all are in an unedited format because there’s so many.



  • Don’t lean forward in grand plies
  • Stay centre between legs in circular port de bras in fourth
  • Don’t rock back on heels going down in back circular port de bras


Battement tendus

  • Don’t sickle in second
  • Squeeze things to close to fifth


Battement glissés

  • Point foot fully going to the back
  • Don’t let knees buckle coming back down to fifth on other side


Ronds de jambe

  • Knee over toes in fondus especially right foot
  • Which way does your arm go when doing the kicks? (reverse of what it did when you do the ronds de jambe
  • Point foot fully in arabesque hold
  • Follow hand more when doing reverse port de bras
  • Keep bottom leg steady in kicks
  • All the way to the front in ronds de jambe en dedans!
  • Turn out raised leg more in arabesque hold


Fondus and ronds de jambe en l’air

  • Don’t let your hips sway
  • Keep knee up in attitude derriere especially on second side
  • Don’t sickle raised leg in attitude devant!


Battement frappés

  • Bring foot higher in pirouettes
  • Turn OUT! Omg
  • Don’t sickle going devant fondu



  • Don’t bring head towards the barre until later when you actually do the grand Rond de jambe
  • Keep body up when ballotee-ing back
  • Back arm lower at end for a nicer line


Grands battements

  • Hold HAND up in arabesque, don’t let it hang by the wrist! Mostly right hand
  • Don’t pitch body forward too much in arabesque after fouette


Port de bras

  • Show good coupé position in little pivot turns – foot didn’t quite get pointed
  • More of a breathe out before the little steppy bit from the scoop up to fifth – sort of falls flat
  • After steppy bit – be more crossed so you don’t cut off your face


Centre practice and pirouettes



Pirouette enchainement

  • Leg UP in arabesque
  • Remember opposite side for little ronds
  • Stay in your centre line for part at the end



  • Hold battement devant longer at beginning
  • Leg HIGHER in arabesque omg
  • More of a breathe in the high open fourth position before steps forward


Allegro 1

  • What is your head doing?
  • Smaller fourths omg


Allegro 2

  • Needs to be bouncier
  • Cabrioles need to be as UP as the brisé volés


Allegro 3

  • More push in the jete turning part
  • More travel in the chassé pas de bourrée part
  • Don’t let the leg bash down in temps de flèche


Allegro 4

  • Fouette saute needs to be higher – is it to the corner or side?
  • Brise vole section needs to be faster
  • Don’t look down omg


Rises and relevés

  • Pick up second leg in the fast pas de bourrées – it doesn’t quite reach coup de pied


Ballottées and posés

  • Keep weight forward in releves to other side


Pointe enchaînement 1

  • Strong ankles
  • More UP
  • Don’t step onto pointe with a bent leg especially in one with arms in third arabesque come on you know better


Pointe enchaînement 2

  • Leg higher in arabesque
  • Actually get the steps idk maybe that would help /sarcasm


Pointe enchaînement 3

  • More plie for hops en pointe
  • Higher arabesque
  • Hold pointe for longer for fouettes
  • More plie
  • Better arm position – higher for second
  • Think supporting side so you don’t travel


Pointe enchaînement 4

  • Careful of first one that it doesn’t go onto a bent leg
  • Don’t try to step soutenu-thingies out too much so you don’t fall over
  • Are all the pickups at the front?
  • Stronger arms


Pointe enchaînement 5

  • Second leg higher in the coupe jetes
  • Leg in a higher retire for the swish jete things
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