“Positive practice gives positive results”

-Ms Debby

Currently Studying: RAD Advanced 2

Exam Prediction: Post Exam

Well that went… alright. I just had my Advanced 2 exam yesterday and to be honest at this point I’m hoping for a pity pass on that one pointe section I was…

“You’re a ballerina. Don’t be apologetic.”

-Ms Debby

The latest

December 8

This was actually quite a difficult class for me. I had to miss Thursday’s class because I needed to take my boyfriend to the hospital for x-rays, so I asked if I…

Exam Predictions: Early December

Stamina is starting to be super important in these classes as we’re now zipping through barrework and heading straight into allegro or pointe work. It’s tiring but moreso physically than mentally –…

December 3

I was a bit worried at the start of this class since I missed last Monday when they went over a lot of the pointe work, but by the end of the…

December 1

This was another small class, and we got the chance to go over the other exercises one by one that we hadn’t had a chance to review on Thursday.   Pirouette enchaînement…

November 29

Since a couple of the girls in the class were away on a trip there were only 3 of us in the class, which was actually really nice since we got to…

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