“Positive practice gives positive results”

-Ms Debby

Currently Studying: RAD Advanced 2

Exam Prediction: Post Exam

Well that went… alright. I just had my Advanced 2 exam yesterday and to be honest at this point I’m hoping for a pity pass on that one pointe section I was…

“You’re a ballerina. Don’t be apologetic.”

-Ms Debby

The latest

December 27

Needless to say, since we found out our exam is on February 13th, the teachers have been adamant that we get in the studio during the break to practice. In this session,…

December 17

I was feeling pretty gross this class, so I decided to sit out of it and take notes from the side instead. The class went over all of the exercises since there…

December 15

Today was one of the better classes I’ve had in a while. We were worked very hard, but again in a good way. It’s getting close to the end of classes before…

December 13

Today was a better class than Monday. We were pushed very hard, but in a good way. I feel like Thursdays are usually my better class than Mondays.   Centre practice and…

December 10

Tonight was a crappy class. A combination of not getting my fouettes well, rehearsing the variation I don’t want to do yet again, and finding out I didn’t get a role or anything…

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