December 27

Needless to say, since we found out our exam is on February 13th, the teachers have been adamant that we get in the studio during the break to practice. In this session, we focused solely on the pointework since we were all not as confident with it.


Ballottées and posés

So we realized that when we do the tombé to the side when facing the barre, pretty much all of us had horrible alignment and were sticking our butts out. We went over the tombé section so many times to drill the correct position into our heads!


Pointe enchaînement 1

This exercise is getting better, but I need to make sure I’m thinking of staying up for longer, and that I’m dancing just within the confines of my bubble. Especially after some time back, I’ve found it super easy to dance small but I need to work hard on dancing bigger.


Pointe enchaînement 2

Again with the up accents! The ballottée movement has an up accent and should be suspended. In the grand fouetté, work on the balance in fondu coming out of it to get the position right. Even just on flat the position makes a difference. The developpée through section before the renversé shouldn’t be floppy or just left to hang. It is a calmer step but shouldn’t be floppy. I need to also get through the renversé movement faster to derrière position and STAY ON POINTE! The developpée en tournant was better, but it needs a solid fifth position to start it off. Altogether this exercise needs better balance positions and more attention paid to staying on the centre line.

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